Indiana University Bloomington
An IGERT Training Program

The Dynamics of Brain-Body-Environment Systems in Behavior and Cognition

Randall Beer Welcome to our doctoral training program in the dynamics of brain-body-environment systems in behavior and cognition within the Cognitive Science Program at Indiana University.

The goal of our program is to train doctoral students to think across traditional levels of analysis in the cognitive, behavioral and brain sciences. In order to accomplish these goals, we have developed new courses in situated, embodied and dynamical cognitive science, a professional development seminar, summer research internships, an annual research showcase and a colloquium series offering extended opportunities for trainees to interact with visiting speakers.

Our interdisciplinary training group includes cognitive science faculty from the Departments of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Physics, and History and Philosophy of Science, as well as from the School of Informatics and Computing. In addition, we have strong partnerships with top researchers in the fields of dynamical, embodied and situated approaches to behavior and cognition, both nationally and internationally.

As Director of this NSF-funded IGERT program, I invite you to join us in our exploration of how behavior and cognition arise from the dynamical interaction of brains with bodies, agents with their environments and agents with other agents.

Please note, Indiana University's Brain-Body-Environment Systems IGERT Program is no longer accepting new applications.

Randall D. Beer
Director, Brain-Body-Environment Systems IGERT at IU Bloomington